Mark Eikeland

CPA, CGA, Dip B.A. (Hons.)


Mark Eikeland, is a licensed mortgage broker and a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 35 years’ experience in finance and banking. Mark has been involved as a principal of the company since 2006.

Mark overseas our underwriting and deal origination process and financial management systems.

Prior to Northland Mortgage, Mark founded in 2001 (e-Capital Networks Inc.) as an online business financing resource for entrepreneurs throughout western Canada.

Mark also devoted 10 years to operating his own successful private practice as a professional accountant and business consultant to clients throughout both BC and Alberta. His practice focused specifically in the area of Corporate Finance where he successfully raised capital for small to mid-sized businesses to finance their start-up, acquisition, re-organization, and expansion plans.

Don Larkam


Don Larkam is a licensed mortgage broker with over 30 years experience in mortgage finance, real estate development, construction and brokering.

Northland Mortgage & Investment Corp. has been a licensed mortgage company administering mortgage investments since 1983. As well, Don has a wealth of expertise and experience with his own real estate development projects for over 30 years.

Don overseas our investor portfolio and management.